JMG Photography

Phototgrapher. Graphic Designer. Illustrator. Editor

About me

My Name is Jose, I also go by "Jay" or "JMG" which are my initials. I've always had a fascination for cameras, all types of cameras. From taking pictures to filming home movies with my parents Panasonic camrecorder with cassettes when I was younger.

I started editing videos in 2012 with Vegas movie studio. I started profesional photography in 2015 with my first DSLR camera a Nikon D3100 and at the same time editing my own photos and videos.

I've always had a passion for design and drawing, which led me to start experimenting with Graphic Design. Graphic Design allowed me to bridge my two passions to allow me to create Logos, Illustrations, and even Tattoos.

Have any questions? Or would you like me to capture you next event? Fill out the form and i will get in touch with you.